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save themselves from the lives they’ve created.

Coming UnScrooged!
is a page-turning parable which compares Dickens’ classic lead character to Ben Scrooge, a cold-hearted corporate executive culled straight from today’s headlines.

Author Drayton BoylstonThe author, an enlightened CEO who saved himself from the life he created, discovered firsthand the connection this timeless tale provides to bottom-line-driven business leaders.

This insightful story provides a compelling wakeup call for managers who know in their gut something is wrong, something is missing, something needs to be changed – but they’re too busy, exhausted, or locked-in-golden-handcuffs to take action.

As the spirits of the past, present and future emerge with opportunities to “look in the mirror,” readers will be inspired to reflect upon their own excesses and excuses, re-examine their priorities, and re-commit to a more values-based personal and professional life.


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